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Students' field documentaries 2014

During their fieldwork IDS and SD-ID students frequently engage in more than research: this year for example, two of them have provided a broader outreach for the issues and people they've worked with by making insightful and beautiful short documentaries. Sandro Runci vividly captures the daily lives of the 'illegal' miners he has worked with in Ghana in his documentary 'Going for Gold', which can be watched here. 'Untouchable Food for Untouchable Women' by Rana Kamali (in collaboration with Ross Fernandez) examines the social exclusion and discrimination of low-caste Dalit and Tribal women and within food related government schemes in rural Madhya Pradesh, India; it can be watched here.

IDS internship pictures 2014: Sandro Runci
Small-scale miners at work in the Amansie West District - Ghana © Sandro Runci

Small-scale mining provides the livelihood for more than 200.000 people in Ghana. The sector may represent an opportunity for many people in the country to lift out of poverty, but lack of knowledge and equipment, ineffective policies, and unequal distribution of benefits have kept mining communities in a poverty cycle that continues for generations.

Through the lens of Jiri Pasz

© Jiri Pasz


© Jiri Pasz

From Jiri Pasz, one of our most talented and adventurous alums.

Post-displacement: Central Highlands market, Vietnam
© Michelle McLinden Nuijen