The International Development Studies Alumni Association of Utrecht University

IDS Internships

The International Development Studies group of Utrecht University connects current students with development professionals every year. If you work for a development organization, then chances are that you have internship opportunities! If you are looking for enthusiastic young professionals, why not consider one of our Master Students?

What are the benefits?

  • Students gain hands-on experience while the host organization gains substantial productivity gains.
  • Hosts benefit from the services of highly motivated students who are eager to improve upon their skills. As Master Students, our research interns have excellent academic backgrounds and untapped skill-sets. In fact, many of our students have been recognized for their achievements through government or other scholarships.
  • Students expand the workforce for special projects or short-term assignments.
  • Hosts gain access to current academic research and exposure in fields of interest while students receive hands-on experience that is aligned to their academic studies.
  • Hosting is a completely free way to add new skills, a fresh perspective and to build upon the international network of your organization.

If you work in the international development field and would like to register your interest in possibly hosting a student, please fill out our Internship Host Application form.